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Bake Expressions

Bake Expressions

Example AEJuice Toolbar and kBar parameters with default values:

{"keepExpressions":true,"action":"bake","scope":"selected layers","recursive":false}

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keepExpressions (boolean). Keep original expressions to be able to unbake. Values: true or false.

action (text). Type of action the script should perform. Represents script's buttons. Values: bake, unbake.

scope (text). Scope where the script will work. Values: project, selection, active comp, selected layers, selected properties.

recursive (boolean). Script will go through nested compositions. Values: true or false.

Add "ui":true parameter to open script's interface instead of running it directly. If it's a single parameter add the following {"ui":true}. If it's not a single parameter, it can look like this {"keepExpressions":true,"action":"bake","scope":"selected layers","recursive":false,"ui":true}.