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Export PNG

Export PNG

Example AEJuice Toolbar and kBar parameters with default values:

{"renderFolder":"project folder","overwrite":true,"clipboard":"do not copy","revealFile":true}

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renderFolder (text). Values: project folder, ask every time, desktop, [customPath]. [customPath] is any custom path in local path format, for example, D:\Render\AEJuice for Windows or /Users/[USERNAME]/Documents/Render/AEJuice for macOS where [USERNAME] is your computer's username.

overwrite (boolean). Overwrite exported file. Values: true or false.

clipboard (text). Values: do not copy, copy file.

revealFile (boolean). Reveal file after export. Values: true or false.

Add "ui":true parameter to open script's interface instead of running it directly. If it's a single parameter add the following {"ui":true}. If it's not a single parameter, it can look like this {"renderFolder":"project folder","overwrite":true,"clipboard":"do not copy","revealFile":true,"ui":true}.